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Where The Devil Roams(Review)

One common thing I found is when it comes to films from the Adams Family, you are going to be in for a weird yet wonderful journey. That is very much the case with Where The Devil Roams. My anticipation was high ever since this film was first announced and it exceeded all my expectations.

The story is set in the Depression Era and takes place at a carnival that hosts a trio of murderous sideshow performers who dispatch their own brand of punishment to those who they think deserve it. However when tragedy happens, the daughter of the group discovers a terrible secret she can use that will have her bargaining with the devil.

So we get this twisted fairy tale in a way but one bit of poetry that keeps being repeated throughout. It goes something like this: “blood will thicken, the devil’s pulse begins to quicken, while the body rots to dust and bones, there’s a tear in the heart where the devil roams”. And it does end up having importance to the plot as we soon learn.

When we first dive into the carnival setting where we meet the main cast, who are all played by the Adams family mind you, we meet a colorful cast of supporting characters as well. This was the part I couldn’t help not grinning for because there are two supporting characters that I know in real life. Razor De Rockefeller who played Rocky(fitting choice) and Addam Robert Paul who played a carnival barker and carries a severed head( also fitting choice). i came to know of them from their musical projects The Mary Lous and The Destruct Principle. So this just amped my enjoyment of the movie and yes they do get a chance to display their musical talents which made it even more greater.

Then we get this gruesome road trip bit where the mother, father and daughter go around killing people. There’s some dark humor because the father has this aversion to blood, something triggered by the severe PTSD he suffered from his time as a soldier in a war. So they have to cover his eyes, and anytime you see that, you know something is about to go down.

When the tragic events happen, the movie gets even darker with talks about bargains with the devil. That’s when the poem from earlier starts having more significance to the plot. There’s some body horror involved and a terrific montage with great music in the background. The Adams have their own musical project known as H6llb6nd6r that supplies the soundtrack of this film and its super awesome!

The ending is something other and I can’t even accurately describe it. It’s just something to be seen.

I can fairly say this has become my favorite movie from the Adams Family. It’s something weird, original, has that gothic aesthetic, and doesn’t hesitate to get very dark. The gore levels are very high. It’s just fantastic something like this exists and once it catches on, it wouldn’t surprise me if it becomes a cult classic.

I recommend very highly to check this out.It’s a Tubi film so eventually it will be available to stream on that platform. In the meantime it is playing at select theaters and is available to rent or purchase on Vudu.
If you have seen Where The Devil Roams, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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