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Pulse(1988)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

You ever had that moment when you saw a horror movie as a kid, you don’t remember the title just certain details? Then years later, you finally find that horror movie. That’s what happened to me with the sci-fi horror Pulse(1988)

The plot sees a family under attack by a rogue current of electricity. Just one day, it grows sentient, and decides to kill people. The family have to figure out a way to not be the next victim.

Really more so, this was meant to be a warning of the overreliance of modern technology. This was Black Mlrror before Black Mirror. It’s the kid who first discovers something is wrong, and of course the parents do not believe him until it is too late.

Not a very gory movie, though there is a dreadful shower scene that might make you wince. There are few other hairy moments when you wonder when the entity will strike next. I thought the visuals where cool when the electrical current “possesses” the various appliances. It felt good to relive a memory from the past, and I thought it was a pretty okay watch.

The film is currently streaming on Tubi if you decide you want to check it out.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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