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Puppet Master Retrospective Part 7[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

We have now arrived to the next entry of the Puppet Master franchise known as Retro Puppet Master. This is more so a prequel that explores how Andre Toulon created his first batch of puppets and subsequently learns the power of how to bring them to life.

So first things first, it retcons the events of Puppet Master 2 that explained how Toulon learned the power of resurrecting inanimate objects. In this entry, it explains he learned it from an ancient Egyptian sorcerer. So either he was lying in the second movie or the producers of this movie simply forgot.

Another weird thing is the dialogue in this film. It sounded so stilted, like either some of it was dubbed in, or the actors were forced to say their lines with a gun pointed at their head. Greg Sestero, better known from The Room, stars as a young Andre Toulon, so it could be just a result of bad acting.

Meanwhile, we have mummies dressed like gangsters who are trying to track Toulon down to stop him from using his power. They use spells to kill people and the effects when they are doing that are so bad.

There are some good things in this movie, such as the Puppet designs. They are more rudimentary but we get an idea of who they are supposed to be. We see some other original puppets he created such as Cyclops and Dr Death. I hope he returns in a future entry as he was pretty cool. Once again, the puppets are the good guys, fiercely protecting the master who created them. We also see return of Guy Rolfe reprising the role of future Andre Toulon,though this would be his last time doing so as he passed away shortly after.

Yeah this one…it was neat to see the retro puppets and all. But the story and acting really detract from this being a quality movie. Not like when it comes to Full Moon Productions that you expect quality, but still. It remains to see how it will go with the next entry, but I’ll be here to let you know.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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