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Puppet Master Retrospective Part IV[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

This is the time in the Puppet Master franchise when it starts to get a bit weird. The series has always been weird and quirky, but it goes into left field with the 4th entry.

The Puppets are the good guys this time around as they help their human companions contend with a demon and his demonic puppet minions that are hellbent on killing those who discover the secret of giving life. The demon puppets are vicious little buggers who maul their victims, and afterwards, they drain their life force to give power to their master who looks like a He-Man villian reject. Yeah, told you it was weird.

It is a boy named Rick who discovers the puppets, and the scenes were he is just jumping around playing laser tag with them are pretty humorous. His girlfriend is even into it, like she is digging his moves. There is another guy who is his rival and a complete asshole, and it is satisfying to see him get his just dessert. There is another girl who is psychic for some reason and is able to channel spirits.

Most of the puppets make their return, joined by a new puppet named Decapitron. I guess that name comes from the fact it is able to remove its own head and replace it with a pylon that it can use to concentrate electric blasts towards its intended target.

The plot is pretty silly, and it has an open ending which directly leads into the 5th entry. The Puppet effects are pretty well done, though you may laugh at the part when they superimpose Andre Toulan’s head on a puppet’s body. He appears as a spirit this time around, helping in the battle against the demon and passing the torch to a new Puppet Master.

So yeah, this is where the series goes into a more supernatural direction with the Puppets being more benevolent than just vicious killers. Stay tuned for Part 5 to see how this arc continues.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla –

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