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I’m sure at some point you may have heard of a director named Uwe Boll. For those not familiar, he got a reputation for producing terrible movie adaptations of video games. But then came Seed(2007) which was terrible for whole other reasons. This movie felt like Boll was saying well if you thought my movies were bad, I’ll show you just how awful I can get. This was a hard one to sit through folks and I’ll explain why shortly.

The movie details a botched execution of a masked serial killer named Max Seed. He ends up being buried alive, and subsequently he crawls out of the grave to seek revenge.

The first 15 minutes of the movie will be a test of how much you can handle. If you don’t like cruelty against animals or kids, then I would suggest skipping watching this one. The violence is definitely extreme, for example there is a scene that I swear just goes on forever where Seed is methodically beating a bound woman with an small axe.

The ending is as bleak as it gets where someone is forced to make a decision to either kill themself or watch their family die at the hands of the killer.

Yeah, this movie was not a fun time, and I found myself needing a pick me up after watching it. Not that I normally have an issue with extreme violence but yeah the way it was presented and it just doesn’t let up. If you want to challenge yourself, Seed(2007) is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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