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Spookies(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Every now and then, I discover a horror movie that is random and so off the wall to the point it just throw things at me and I’m like what even am I watching? Spookies is one of those films. It is a pretty wild experience.
The main plot of the movie focuses on a group of people that decide to stay the night at a dilapidated mansion that an evil warlock and his band of creatures call home.

And what a colorful arrangement of creatures that we have here. There is a werecat that prowls around, zombies complete with protruding eye stalks, a trio of literal shit demons that come complete with farts every time they attack, a woman who turns into a spider which we see every detail, and even the grim reaper shows up for a slice. There’s more than just this that appear, this just gives you an idea of the zaniness that happens.

There’s also the infamous birthday scene as a little boy also arrives at the mansion and well let’s say it’s not a very happy birthday for him. There’s just so much going, sometimes all at once but that was all due to the production of the film. This movie was originally going to be called Twisted Souls and was just going to be a creature flick but then creative issues happened and we ended up with just randomness.

So there’s this build up of a chained slab in a graveyard that is undulating as if something is trying to get out. I’m expecting this slumbering ancient demon is going to end up unleashed, like this dark God awaiting it’s time to rise again. Now that would have been cool. That’s not what we get however. And the movie just ends.

Now I will clarify that Spookies is still a fun film to watch. It has potential and there are scenes that will have you laughing your head off. It’s not terrible, and one of the most impressive parts is the makeup effects and practical effects. I mean the spider lady scene, I was very impressed what they did with the small budget they had. I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s a great film either. But it is worth checking into just to see the madness in store. Spookies is currently streaming on Shudder and it has gained a cult following which I can understand why.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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