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The Convent(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

The description of The Convent says it is for fans who like Night of the Demons. I can see why because they are similar in ways, except The Convent is like the Great Value version.

The plot sees college kiss who go to what you used to be a convent, and end up resurrecting demons.

We have our typical group of miscreants such as the jock, the bad boy, the token black kid, and the goth girl. The movie starts out well enough until we get to the demon resurrection scenes.

Between the so called Satan worshippers and the demons, I’m not certain which is the most silliest part of the movie. The demons move in jerky movements like they are extras in a techno music video. They are covered in Dayglo paint for some reason, and make stock footage roars and other goofy sounds. Instead of being scared by the demons, I found myself laughing instead.

Then we have the bad ass woman who enters the scene to save the day. She has a past involving the convent , and comes back to settle the score. She shoots and slices the demons with wild abandon. Every time she decapitated a demon, I was reminded of one of those ketchup bottles you would see in a cafeteria. She is there to hopefully stop the demons before they call the Son of Satan.

As a whole, I would consider this more of a campy horror. It wasn’t scary or anything like that. It’s entertaining despite the silliness. The Convent is currently streaming on Shudder if you decide you want to see it for yourself.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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