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The Innocents(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Super-powered beings are definitely a high draw, and time and time again we seen normal people gain abilities and use those to fight evil. But every now and then we are shown a darker side. A view of regular people who gain powers and then using them for their own gain or to commit atrocities on others. The Innocents is such a film.

The plot is about a group of kids who develop abilities and what starts as innocent fun takes a darker turn for the worse.

This is a Norwegian film that fully explores what is like for kids with barely any adult supervision and with really no checks and balances to gain powers. Mostly it is telekinesis and telepathy, but with no one to guide them, things really get out of hand.

I will say I almost didn’t make it through the movie as there is a very upsetting scene of animal cruelty involved. I will caution you all it is absolutely hard to watch as it is shown raw and unfiltered. There is no cutaways either.

But it does show the lengths one of the kids is willing to go, and they assume the villian role of the movie. More and more it is shown how remorseless they can be, and the threat they pose to the others.

One interesting aspect I saw is how the big sister of one of the kids is autistic and she gains powers as well, but its almost like she is a conduit for the others. She can sense the powers of others as well. She plays an important role especially when she has to protect her little sister from a larger threat.

I guess The Innocents speak of the innocence of childhood and the bond that friendship can have. But as they develop their powers, it takes them on a darker path that there is no coming back from.

I did enjoy it, but I would have enjoyed it more without the animal cruelty. This is the part I would normally tell you to check it out, but I have a hard time even recommending it. It is currently on Shudder if you are curious but I will emphasize viewer beware if you do decide to watch it.

If you have seen The Innocents, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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