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The Lake(2022)(Review)

Movies have offered us different giant monsters to cheer for other than just Godzilla and the like, and The Lake is an Asian horror that attempts to do that. It’s a fun ride and yeah you will be on the side of the giant monster with everything involved.

A mysterious giant egg is found on shore of a lake, so of course the first thought is to take said egg. Bad move on the human’s part as a monster arises from the lake and causes panic and destruction as it tries to reclaim its property.

The opening scenes of the movie will remind you a bit of The Host with scenes of the monster attacking humans. Then when you see the creature, you will be thinking I thought this would be a lot bigger. As it turns out, the monster doing most of the attacking is just a younger version of the creature. And for some reason, one of the people it attacks survives and becomes psychically linked to the creature?

Most of the movie sees the creature attacking the city, and the people figuring out how to combat it. They eventually figure out how to trap it which is even more bad news bears for everyone when big Mama arrives pissed that her egg and child are being kept from her. There’s a scene that occurs that is very similar to a certain scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex first arrives and starts terrorizing the kids in the jeep.

The creature effects were pretty fantastic. These things are terrifying to behold. You will emphasize with them because all they want to do is get back what was taken from them. The humans brought this all on themselves. The big mama is rightfully doing what any mother would do if her future progeny is stolen from her. Is there a happy monster family reunion by the end? You will have to see this to find out.

It’s not great or bombastic as Godzilla, but this movie does well in giving us a different Kaiju to cheer for as it stomps around and attacks the humans. It’s pretty entertaining, and giant monster films do get a bit of love from me. I say it wouldn’t hurt to check this one out, and it’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

If you already seen The Lake, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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