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The Mutilator(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

If you like campy 80s slasher, then The Mutilator should definitely be up your alley. Full of cheese, blood, and some gruesome kills, this is definitely a fun time.

The plot sees a father who suffers a psychotic break when his wife is accidentally killed by his son who was just a little boy at the time. Years later, he invites his son and friends up to his condo, and plans to take his revenge.
This movie is also known as Fall Break, and even had it’s own theme song based on that title. Mostly you are watching coeds party around, and fraternize with each other. It takes a bit for the killing to start but when it does, it definitely escalates from there.

The weapon of choice is this pole axe the father uses, though he uses other methods to take out the hapless teens as well. One of the kills features a drawn out death scene that is almost absurd with how the character reacts to getting killed. There’s also some other goofyness, for example one of the guy’s girlfriends tells her guy to go lock up and if he does he gets a treat after. Then it speeds up the footage as the guy gets dressed and goes out to do his task. It was just so random and made me laugh.

It’s absolutely campy, full of gore, and features a pretty crazy ending. It has a cult following, and now even more with the announcement that it will be getting the long awaited sequel.

The Mutilator is currently streaming on Tubi if you decide to check it out, which I do recommend doing so.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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