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Un Chien Andalou(1929)(Review)[Flashback Friday]

What we have here is a very early piece of French cinema which can really only be referred to as a ‘fever dream.’ It contains a logically incoherent storyline full of hallucinatory and metaphoric imagery, all set over the sound of classical swing piano.

It is a film created by two well renown artists: Luis Bunuel, & Salvador Dali. It’s arguably one of the more popular films of all time, being well regarded in the Avant Garde cinema circle, including even being shown in the arenas before David Bowie would come out on stage during one of his bigger tours.

There isn’t a whole lot to say other than hinting at a few hints of horrific imagery interwoven with more mysterious and subtle imagery, such as a woman getting her eyeball slit open with a razorblade, a man dragging a dead donkey through an apartment on top of a piano, a hand covered with ants, and much much more. It is a work of art that goes beyond words, and is best described as a film from before films even know what they were.

It is entirely possible to make sense of it, and in my opinion the actual storyline is pretty straight forward, but the way in which it is told is what makes it fascinating. Most viewers will have very distinct perceptions on what they see and it encourages conversation. Very strong ‘Eraserhead’ vibes in this.

It is only 29 minutes long, it is a surreal experience that must be seen to be understood, and the entire thing is streaming for free on youtube right here:

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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