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What Lies Beneath(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

It is so easy to keep up appearances. Happy life, the perfect family, loving home, all of that. However in the case of the intense thriller What Lies Beneath it can be a mask for something darker. Appearances can be very deceiving, and it turns out the perfect lover is actually a complete psycho.

The plot is about Claire who is married to a renown research scientist Norman Spencer and she starts experiencing paranormal events. She initially thinks it has to do with the woman next door who goes missing but when the woman is found, and the phenomenon escalates more and more, Claire finds a dark secret that destroys the image of her perfect family.

So this movie starts as a ghost story but then turns into a psychological thriller. I think we are familiar with the scene where Claire is possessed by the spirit who proceeds to seduce her husband. The husband, he is the worst. He spends most of the film refuting his wife’s claims of being haunted and originally it would seem because he is a scientist. But when she reveals more and more about the spirit and the identity of who is haunting her, he plays it off as if he doesn’t know anything. It then comes to light he had an affair, and when Claire rediscover this information that was lost to her due to an accident she had a year prior, he acts like he is the victim.

So this guy is pleading for her forgiveness and everything, but she is not easily swayed. She feels he deserves punishment for his actions, which he definitely does. And it’s at that point it is revealed just how sick and twisted this guy is. He will go to any length necessarily even murder to protect his integrity and the image of being the perfect husband. As it is in ghost films, it doesn’t quite go his way.

I thought this movie was brilliant with the set pieces it presented, and I still think that to this day. It had many red herrings, which built up for the finale perfectly. Plus, it is one of the few times where Harrison Ford gets to play a villian. His performance makes this movie great as it is. It is currently available on Amazon Prime and Vudu for you to check out for yourself which I highly recommend doing so.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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