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Wolf(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Feel the call of the wild with Jack Nicholson in the movie Wolf. A book editor is bitten by a wolf during a full moon, and subsequent starts becoming more bestial. He feels more lively and his senses become more acute. He tries to understand what is happening to him and how to stop it before his transformation from man to beast is complete.

We see how it is when an everyday man experiences his wild side. As a result of his newfound abilities he discovers his wife having an affair with his rival, and he attacks the rival, biting him. We can get an idea where this will lead. Mostly, even when in wolf format, he only kills animals. He also starts a romantic fling with his boss’s daughter.

When his wife is found killed, he automatically blames himself and he is the prime suspect. But then as we recall, his rival was bitten and is experiencing the same animalistic urges. The two battle to the death as Jack’s character tries to protect his lover. She gets clawed in the process, and as you can guess, the cycle continues.

This is a different type of werewolf movie with the man depicted as having a spirit of a wolf. It is not a full moon that causes the transformations either, it is literally a man becoming a wolf. Jack has a knack for playing hard cases, which is no different here.

Wolf is definitely worth watching at least once, and you are able to do so via Hulu.
Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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