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A Stir of Echoes(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

What if suddenly you had the ability to see into the beyond? What would you do if you had it? That’s the question that gets answered in the movie A Stir of Echoes.

The movie is about an ordinary man gets hypnotized and soon after is able to see the spirits of the dead. One particular spirit latches onto him to help unveil the reason behind her unexplained disappearance and death.
While it is the husband who is given this ability, it turns out that the son is the one who had the gift all along. It is always the kids who end up being able to experience the paranormal or have special abilities in these type. The visuals when the husband experiences visions are pretty good, and I loved during the hypnosis they showed you exactly what he was seeing as he was being guided through it.

As far as the spirit reaching out to him goes, it went so far to show you even though you are in a close community and you seem to know everyone, you may not know them as well as you think. There are secrets they are protecting and won’t hesitate to do what they need to in order to keep them protected. That’s what we see in the ending of the movie.

This is a very entertaining ghost story, and is one of Kevin Bacon’s finest roles. It is currently streaming on Tubi and Amazon Prime and I recommend checking it out.

Till next time, stay scared
-Tha Thrilla –

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