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Superdeep(2020)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Deep underground, in one of the lowest manmade trenches (un)known to humanity, a Russian team of scientists and engineered have made a breakthrough discovery. One that defies all understanding, one that requires extreme measures to document, and one that may be the greatest unknown threat to humanity.

A Yugoslavian bioengineer is tasked to visit the site of a disaster, save the surviving crew, and document what they uncovered. What we get is a set up that feels exactly like the first ‘Resident Evil’ movie crossed with ‘Doom’. The sets are beautiful, the stakes are familiar, and this feature shows off every penny they put into it. What starts as a vague search and rescue quickly becomes a fight for survival.

There’s two major reveals in this film – the initial reveal of what exactly they discovered, and then later in you realize the accumulation of this threat. The first reveal is interesting and slightly underwhelming where you realize they’ve discovered an unknown life form that doesn’t seem to be much of a threat, but the 2nd reveal near the end of the film makes it a winner. It can be a bit gross, but most of you have probably seen worse. Just be prepared, and probably avoid eating til afterwards.

The set design as i said is incredible. The actors are all very good, the story is fleshed out, and there is a rather intense series of dread and body horror gore that ramp it up.

It’s a very fun movie with some clever reveals. It feels very familiar out the gate but doesn’t hesitate to remind it’s viewer to sit down, shut up, and let it happen. I give it a confident thumbs up.

“The Superdeep” is currently streaming on Shudder, and available on DVD/Blu-Ray

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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