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Antlers(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I recently watched Antlers, and my first thought is we definitely needed more horror based on Native American myths. It is treasure trove fertile with such imaginative projects, and it is always a breath of fresh air to see more than just the usual affair of demonic possessions or sadistic killers. This is another offering that Guillermo Del Toro is responsible for as he produced the movie, and this is what we are used to seeing from him. A terrifying tale of a creature that defies the imagination as well as struggles of surviving dysfunctional families.

The plot is about a teacher who recognizes one of her students seems to be suffering from mental and physical abuse. The truth however is more horrifying than she can possibly realize.

I want to impress upon you what exactly makes this film work as far as the level of fear is concerned. Not so much the creatures encountered in the film, I mean yes it is something very different and terrifying in its own way. But let’s look at the fact it’s happening to a little boy. He has to take on an enormous responsibility at such a young age, something that an average adult wouldn’t be able to handle. Yes, the boy suffers both mentally and physically, but he understands deep down this is something he has to do. Not only to protect those he loves, but to protect others as well. I mean that is itself is enough to boggle your mind. It not only makes you fear what is happening, but also fear for him.

I will not reveal what the creature is but it a being we rarely see depicted in horror films. I loved the way it was brought to life and the story behind it was very accurate to Native American beliefs. It’s probably no surprise that even in the ending scenes that it was something that cannot be truly defeated.

Folk Horror is something that always fascinates me, so needless to say, I was engrossed by the movie, and it’s one of my top favorite horror films of 2022 so far. It is currently streaming on HBOMAX for you to view for yourself, which I highly recommend doing that. If you already seen Antlers, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla –

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