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All Through The House(Happy Horrordays #16)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Right after we posted our list of top killer Santa movies, it seems I have found another one for the list. All Through The House was certainly an experience that’s for sure.

The plot sees a masked killer dressed as Santa who is going around killing everyone that he comes across.
The movie wastes no time in getting to the kills, and they are absolutely grisly. The preferred weapon the killer uses is giant pair of what looks like hedge clippers, and we see head stabbings, genital mutilations, eye gouging, and he chokes someone out with a pair of Christmas lights. There is also a cat and dog that end up killed but thankfully that happens offscreen.

This movie also wastes no time with graphic nudity as well. It seems at first every other scene features some couple trying to hook up before they are interrupted and murdered very brutally by the masked Santa.
There is bit of a story behind why he is doing this, and one of the plot threads leads to this crazy lady in a house full of Santa statues. You will definitely want to keep your eye on her because as it turns out, she has a connection to the masked Santa killings.

The film ends in the most insane way, and you almost find yourself pitying the killer at the end especially after you find out more of the backstory.

This is one of those low budget movies that you go into, not expecting much besides the heapings of gore and boobs, and come out with more than just that. The dialogue and character portrayals can get cringy from how cheesy it can get, but in all, this wasn’t too bad of a watch. It is currently streaming on Prime Video and Tubi if you are looking for a Christmas horror you haven’t seen yet.

If you have already seen All Through The House, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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