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An American Werewolf in London(Review)(Full Moon Rising #1)

For the month of September, I will be doing a werewolf theme, and what better way to get started than with the cream of the crop, An American Werewolf in London.

The film is about two American friends Jack and David who are hiking in England. They are warned numerous times to avoid the moors, especially when the moon is full, but they ignore those warnings. They are attacked by a large wolf-like creature, but only David survived. He had been bitten however, and his friend Jack appears from beyond the grave to warn him that unless he kills himself, on the next full moon, the beast within will emerge.

The practical effects in this movie are amazing. The different dreams that David has as he recovers from his attack are pretty frightening, especially the brutality of his nightmare of Nazi Werewolves gunning down his entire family. This film also boasts one of the best werewolf transformation sequences in cinema history, depicting the excruciating agony that one would experience as he morphs from man to beast.

This movie is one of the better werewolf stories, and it leads to an ending about the nature of self sacrifice. If you knew that you had a beast inside that you could not contain, and as a result, was responsible for numerous deaths. what decision would you make? The answer here may surprise you.

This released in 1981, and due to its popularity, it even got a sequel known as An American Werewolf in Paris, though the sequel was pretty subpar to say the least. It would be hard to fanthom, but you haven’t seen or heard of this movie yet, you definitely need to check it out for yourself. It is currently streaming on Peacock if you want to watch it. If you have already seen An American Werewolf In London, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!!
– Tha Thrilla –

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