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Bird Box(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Bird Box

There was a movie released that became a viral sensation known as Bird Box. It was mostly because just how chilling it was and it’s star Sandra Bullock. Even in rewatching, now that the hype has died down, it is still a really good thrill ride.

Mysterious forces assail the world driving anyone who glimpses them to commit suicide or driving them completely insane. A mother is given a task to protect two children and escape to sanctuary. However, they.just trek a river to get to their destination and must survive at any cost.

The opening scenes set up the movie well in showing just how everything started and how perilous the situation is. Sandra’s character is already emotionally detached from the world before the events so its easy to understand why she doesn’t want to build a connection to the children. She doesn’t give them names they are just called Boy and Girl.

We never see the entities that have invaded the world. We hear them or see shadows but it is enigmatic as what their true form is. There are drawings that suggest they are Lovecraftian in nature, and theories have been made to support this. Makes sense with the debilitating madness people suffer the moment they glimpse them.

Definitely very terrifying with some gore as well. Very good story that draws you and keeps you glued to the screen. You want to see if the kids make it safely to the destination and wondering if they will be truly safe there.

This film is still streaming on Netflix, and if you haven’t done so, make sure to check it out! There’s an upcoming sequel slated to come out summer of 2023.

If you already seen Bird Box, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla –

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