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If you’re one of those people who really miss video games of yesteryear, then boy do I have something special for you today.

‘Bloodwash’ is a giallo-inspired horror game with low-poly graphics. On the surface it looks like something from the N64 or PS1 era, but underneath it’s pumping with darkness and creativity. You play as Sarah, a pregnant woman whose awake late at night and needs to do her laundry. Her apartment’s washer is currently broken, so someone insists that she can go downtown to a 24/7 laundromat. However, there is a vicious serial killer on the loose known as “The Womb Ripper” who has been savagely dismembering pregnant women. Sarah grabs her dirty clothes and heads downtown right into the spider’s web.

The game lulls you in with these super traditional and stripped-down graphics while slowly pumping you a story that gets creepier and more deranged the further you go. While there’s really only 3 locations within this whole less-than-2-hour-long game, there’s plenty of fun content to explore – such as fully written comic books & playable arcade games (with one where you play as a naked man holding a bong and barfing onto the police… it’s fantastic).

‘Bloodwash’ is created by independent developers Black Eyed Priest Games & Henry Hoare. The story is a bit predictable and really doesn’t have much to offer as far as replay value is concerned, but this such a fun, intriguing entity that it’s well worth a play during the spooky season.

Once you can see the low-poly graphics as part of the game’s strength and learn to embrace the homegrown style, it’s a rewarding experience full of jump scares, disturbing images, and unsettling characters & locations.

‘Bloodwash’ is currently available on Steam and all major consoles.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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