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Dark Songs From Haunted Realms – Northumbria(Review)[Musical Monday]

I been following a YouTube channel called Cyro Chamber, which puts out a lot of horror related ambient soundscapes. Mostly it is Lovecraftian in nature, but they also create other musical works as well.

For the week of Halloween, they posted Dark Songs From Haunted Realms, and it is exactly what it is says it is. It divided into 10 chapters, and each song will envelope you with feelings of otherworldly strangeness and dread. What I love most about what Cyro Chamber does is the fact it is more than just a listening experience. You will be instantly transported into what they created for you. This is something that will stoke your imagination to the point you feel that dreadful things are watching you. This particular soundscape is very unnerving, and will chill you to the bone.

I listen to Cyro Chamber’s works a lot, especially when I am in the mood to create. If you are a horror fan, and appreciate ambient soundscapes that can cause nightmares, you need to check these guys out. You can listen to Dark Songs From Haunted Realms here:

I would also recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel and they also have a bandcamp if you feel inclined to check their work there:

Don’t worry as I do plan to feature more from these guys in the future.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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