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Deep Rising(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Before he got famous for remaking The Mummy, Stephen Sommers was responsible for a cult classic horror known as Deep Rising.

The film is about a cruise ship that is hijacked, and then becomes an all you can eat buffet for giant monstrous worms.

This movie is goopy and gory as heck There are scenes that are absolutely disgusting, such as when one of the worms gets blasted, and a half digested body falls out. They are still alive, so they are screaming with half their face eaten off and it’s pretty intense. There is no way to prepare yourself either, it just happens. It may surprise you to know this is a Disney property.

This is also the first time Sommers featured the actor Kevin O’Connor. You will come to recognize him as Benny from The Mummy, bit due to his physical acting and deadpan humor, he makes the film more fun. He actually adds much needed comic relief especially after the intense monster attacks.

The monsters themselves are displayed with the help of CGI, and there are times it is like CGI soup when they attack our characters. Then it becomes like a video game where our survivors are blasting away at the worms. The effects are a bit to be desired, but it is not so ridiculous that it depreciates the value of the movie.

Yeah if you are interested in seeing Sommers humble beginnings, and enjoy giant creature features, then you should watch Deep Rising. Fun fact, this film was supposed to lead up to a King Kong reboot produced by Sommers. Sadly, it never came to be, and that film didn’t see the light of day until Peter Jackson took over. As far as Deep Rising goes however, it is easy to see its cult status, and it’s a pity it does not get more recognition nowadays.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla

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