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Scarecrows(1988)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

‘Scarecrows’ is a low budget supernatural slasher film that is exactly what you think it is. When a gang of bank robbers make off with their prize and hijack a plane to escape to Mexico, things seem to be going well until one lone robber decides to throw all the money out of the plane and escape. He throws the money into a corn field by an old farm house, and so the rest of the robbers force the pilots to circle back and land so they can kill him and reclaim their money.

What they don’t know is that the farm is haunted – and protected – by the spirits of a few deceased farmers who have the ability to come back as the macabre looking scarecrows that surround the property. What ensues is cheesy – but a good cheese – brutality and a very dark, creepy vibe. The scarecrows walk, they use farm equipment to murder, they have telekinetic abilities to mimic voices, familiar noises, and project thoughts through the houses landline to fuck with the robbers.

It’s a super entertaining dark slasher where there are a few terrifying surprises, some great imagery, and a really fun environment. The violence is on the B-Side in its execution but it isn’t really all that campy. It just feels like a lower budget attempt at an interesting and different type of slasher that’s treated with excitement and ingenuity. I went in expecting something silly and cringeworthy, and instead was treated to something that was better then I would’ve imagined. Everybody gets what they deserve.

In my opinion, this film is ripe for a remake. It’s a great, simple set up that could work very well with a good team behind it.

“Scarecrows” is currently streaming on Vudu and Amazon Prime.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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