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Dr Giggles(Review)

Man, Dr. Giggles was such a fun trip for me. It’s definitely a 90s horror movie and it goes places you wouldn’t expect.

The story is about an escaped mental patient who follows is his father’s footsteps of mass murder and mayhem until he becomes fixated on saving a particular women who has a heart problem. But his idea of treatment is very much more likely to leave her dead.

Let’s first talk about the said Dr. Giggles who gets that name because that guy is giggling all the time. It just trips me out every time he does that little giggle of his, even when he is in immense pain. Its a pretty infectious giggle and almost like if The Joker decided to be a doctor instead of a clown.

We get some backstory that shows how he became this way. There’s a particular flashback that contains a scene that is very gross and unexpected.

Mostly it’s just him dispatching characters with various medical implements and dropping doctor related puns and one-liners like they are going out of style. This guy is very dedicated to his “profession” let’s say that.

Then there’s the ending where initially you think everything is put to the end until it pulls the rug on us for an even crazier ending.

I ended up liking this movie and mostly was laughing or groaning at the cheesyness of the one-liners. This stars a very young Holly Marie Combs before she got her big break in Charmed as the main protagonist. What else can I say except this is a fun movie and to go check it out. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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