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Fantasy Island(2020)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

What if you had a chance to live out a lifelong fantasy? What would you do if it didn’t turn out how you always imagined it? Based on the TV series by the same name, the film version of Fantasy Island shows what that would be like.

The plot sees guests who show up on a remote tropical island and are granted a chance to live out their dreams only to see them become their worst nightmares. The guests must try to solve the mystery of the island before it claims their lives.

We watch the various guests as they realize the fantasies have gone bad. But as it turns out, there is an ultimate fantasy they are living out unbeknownst to them. It is explained why this happened and why the enigmatic host known as Mr Roarke has no choice but to grant them their desires. His only rule is they must play out as they do until the conclusion even if it isn’t exactly the way the guests expected it to go.

It all leads to an ending that’s pretty weak to say the least. This is a Blumhouse production and one of those ones that are pretty forgetful. It’s okay for the most part. It’s not good and it’s not the worst. If you enjoyed the TV series, then it may be more of interest for you. It is currently available on Amazon Prime and Vudu if you decide to check it out.

If you already seen Fantasy Island(2020), feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
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