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Gods of the Deep(Review)

I was interested in Gods of the Deep because it promised to explore a Lovecraftian universe. Which it does. It just doesn’t do well as it does so. It essentially ends up being a poor man’s Event Horizon except it takes place in the sea instead of in space.

The plot sees a group of explorers who go on a deep sea expedition and find a mysterious world full of ancient beings. They are tasked with bringing proof of their discovery back with them but that’s if they can make it back first.

The film has a strong beginning but then it starts falling apart from there. References to the H.P. Lovecraft universe are very apparent throughout. There’s a good bit of body horror as well. The issue is nothing makes a lick of sense. There’s a scene where one of crew members gets knocked down while the crew of the submarine are trying to resurface after encountering Cthulhu. So they have a medical officer who proceeds to give CPR, and they are unable to resuscitate the person so they pronounce them dead. So moments layer another guy finds the body, and attempts to give CPR, like literally spending an hour doing it, and guess what happens? Somehow he is able to bring them back to life. It was like really??!

So yeah the crew encounter Cthulhu and somehow manage to slice a chunk of flesh from its body. They decide to keep it for further study. All kinds of weirdness happens from there. One of the crew named Pickman who is the human villian and dresses the part, he becomes transformed. The crew encounters him afterwards, all he does is hiss at them and then promptly jumps into a hatch never to be seen again. What was the point of that?

Then we have the one of the female crew members makes it back to the surface and finds out she has been impregnated and the movie fades out as everyone looks in horror as she births a mass of tentacles.

This movie wasn’t terrible but definitely was not that great either. It did what it could with its low budget but suffered due to bad acting and muddled plot. I wanted to like it more because I enjoy Lovecraftian horrors, but yeah it was just okay. If you are interested enough to check it out, it is currently streaming on Tubi.

If you already seen Gods of the Deep, what did you think of it? Let us know your take on it in the comments below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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