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Late Night With The Devil(Review)

You have to love found footage horror that offers something of adifferent format. Late Night of the Devil plays out like a late night talk show that goes horribly wrong.

The plot is set in the 70s and is about a talk show host named Jack who is struggling to make his show Night Owls the top rated show on America. On Halloween, he presents his most controversial segment where he interviews a young woman who is possessed and it ends up being his worse nightmare.

What sets the tone and it ends up being very relevant to the plot is where Jack is mourning the sudden loss of his wife to lung cancer. What they point out is she was a non smoker. There is also talk of secret meetings Jack has been going to in the woods.

The various guests that Jack brings on serves as table setting for the main event. One of the guests is a skeptic who offers money to anyone who prove the existence of the supernatural. And it seems at first he is confident in his assurance that what happens during the broadcast can be disproven. There’s a scene where he goes to prove his theory that gets absolutely disgusting.

It’s a bit off putting that the young girl Jack interviews seems to know him and when she let’s the demon take over who she calls Mister Wiggles it reveals it knows intimate details of Jack. It’s during the ending sequence when the nail drops with an audible thud and it’s pretty wild.

I really liked this one especially the way it built up everything. And it leaves you with questions as to if what Jack experienced was real or an awful trick being played on him. There is a common theme of sacrificing for fame and its revealed exactly what that meant for Jack. And him finding the price of fame being too high to pay.
I highly recommend checking it out and you can either catch it in theaters or you can wait for it to premiere on Shudder on April 19th.

If you saw Late Night with the Devil, what did you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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