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Leprechaun 3(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

The Leprechaun franchise is a very mixed bag, but in my opinion, nothing beats Leprechaun 3. I mean what’s not to love about it? You have the Leprechaun running around Las Vegas causing mischief and chaos as he does, you have a subplot involving a were-Leprechaun, and someone gets exploded in the process.

So the plot of this one has the titular Leprechaun trying to track down a missing piece of his gold that has the ability to grant wishes to anyone who claims the gold coin. Of course anyone foolish enough to make a wish suffers severe consequences. Oh and someone gets bitten and starts turning into a Leprechaun, which leads to a battle between two Leprechauns.

I can’t stress enough how fun this film is. Warwick Davis is having a blast reprising the role of the Leprechaun again cackling the whole time as he kills people in various ways. The deaths are just spectacular as he electrocutes people, gouges peoples eyes out, cause someone to literally blow up, and saws someone in half. It’s also a delight as everything he says has to be in rhyme , and it leads to genuine laugh out loud moments. There is also a scene where a couple of thugs are just standing around and having a deadpan conversation, and just how it plays out is brilliant.

The Leprechaun films have always been more comedic then scary, and this film represents that perfectly. Obviously as you can tell it’s my favorite part of the franchise just because it gives the Leprechaun more to do than just chasing after his victims. Sure it has it’s over the top moments but it makes sense with the plot and setting. Everything is bigger in Vegas, and that is definitely true of Leprechaun 3.

So grab your pint of green beer and set yourself for a wonderful time as you watch this movie. It is currently streaming on Peacock, and Syfy is having a Leprechaun marathon today as well for you to watch all the movies in one sitting.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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