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Malignant(Review)(Happy Halloween #10)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Halloween is upon us, and good bit of new horror to cover, starting with the recently released Malignant. This movie received a lot of buzz, which we will talk about the reason why later in the review, but for the most part, this was a decent horror film.

The movie is about a woman who suffers a head injury, and as a side effect she sees visions of murders and she is viewing them from the prospective of the killer. She is trying to figure out why and how to stop them.
This is James Wan returning to his true form of horror, and he still shows his mastery with different camera angles, audio effects, and masterful story telling. Everything follows the formula he is known for, especially the twist ending. And boy is it a twist. Before that, the movie is dark and atmospheric. When it comes to the visions she has, it does well in enveloping the viewer into what she is seeing. Though if you are an astute viewer like me, you are going to predict what is happening before the reveal towards the end.

Even though it’s not the reveal itself that is surprising, it’s what happened that had everyone talking. The reactions ranged from terror all the way to uncontrollable laughter. The sequence is pretty crazy I will say. And if you look at the body horror aspect of it, it is pretty damn gruesome. And of course, as expected, they leave things open for a sequel.

In all, the movie impressed me, and it was good seeing James Wan back doing what he does best. He delivered what was expected and even though bits of it may have not landed especially the last bit, it was a good performance. Currently the movie is still streaming on HBOMAX, so I recommend checking it out for yourself. If you already seen Malignant, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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