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Gothminister – Utopia(Review)[Musical Monday]

Gothminister is a gothic/industrial band with a love for horror, and it is something noticed on their 5th album Utopia that was released in 2013. It is a concept album from the lead singer’s prospective of a man who is unable to distinguish what is real and what is fiction. He is being driven crazy from existing in a nightmare world he cannot escape, and each song on the album tales a different story as a result of his experiences.

The production of this album is top notch, and hands down, this is my favorite works from this band. There are different horror movie easter eggs, especially during the instrumentals that appear between the songs. Some of the highlights for me are songs such as “Utopia”, “Horrorshow”, “Nightmare” and “Boogeyman”. This is something you would expect to hear as a backing soundtrack of a horror movie, and I love every minute of it. Check out the track below as an example of what I mean:

I would highly recommend checking this one out as I feel horror lovers will find a reason to get on board with the album and the band as a whole. It is a perfect match for the Halloween season.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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