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Mercy Christmas(Happy Horridays #21)(Review)

Here is a Christmas horror movie with a pretty wild setup but it’s not without its issues. Mercy Christmas presents a worse case scenario, but yeah there are some holes in the stocking here.

An every man named Brisket which is pretty ironic for reasons we will find out seems to meet the perfect woman and is promptly invited to her family get together for Christmas. Everything seems to go well until he finds out he is the main course. Now he must escape before he ends up served as dinner.

So yeah, the family have this long holiday tradition of cannibalism. Our main character is not their only victim. And this is where things get kinda dumb. So Briskett is bound by Christmas lights. And they keep him in a basement with no supervision. They even take him upstairs at times. So their solution to keep him subdue him is with exposed wire in the cord of Christmas lights. You seeing the issue here yet? How about the fact they just keep hitting him with electricity. Like numerous times. My brain was just like well the lights will eventually short out or he would build a tolerance to it. But nope.

The family are very cruel to their prisoners and too each other. But they definitely lack in smarts. Definitely in messing with our main character. You feel bad for the guy because he is just soft and gentle. Then you start cheering him on to grow a spine and fight back. Eventually that happens and it is sweet to witness. Because the family were really dumb and deserved everything coming to them.

Yeah I guess this one was okay but certainly had it flaws. If you haven’t seen it, It’s currently streaming on Tubi. I would say check it out but don’t be in a hurry to do it.

If you already seen Mercy Christmas, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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