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Older Gods(Review)

This came up as a recommendation for cosmic horror, and Older Gods is exactly that, taking inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft in crafting a weird and otherworldly tale

The plot sees a man who travels to the UK to find closure in his friend’s death and instead finds an apocalyptic cult looking to raise an ancient god.

This a slow burn horror full of existential dread and exploration of grief. There are rather unnerving visuals and the terror is not in what is seen, but what is unseen. The protagonist is drawn further in the depths of madness as he is targeted by the cult and the god they serve. You could say this is part of the Cthulhu mythos with the story being told here. It is split up in 4 parts, each one driving the underlying tension more and more.

Cosmic horrors are something I enjoy and I was glad I took the plunge to watch it. With the ending, it is ambiguous whether or not if the protagonist actually escapes his fate. Though it is a rather emotional ordeal that will play on your heart strings.

I would recommend this one as it has a good story that draws you in, the characters are portrayed well, and if you like Lovecraftian tales, then you will really enjoy it. It is currently streaming on Tubi.

If you already seen Older Gods, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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