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Orphan: First Kill(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

The challenge with a prequel is to set the stage for the original movie while introducing new ideas. Some succeed, some fail, and Orphan: First Kill lands in the middle ground. Though they should have called it First Kills as Esther has many victims this time around.

The plot details Esther’s escape from the Saarne Institute and conning her way into a family of a missing child. But she learns she may be over her head as some people are not easy to fool.

One thing I loved is how this movie does not treat its audience as dumb. It doesn’t take long for Esther’s true identity to be revealed. Of course there is a twist involved, though it doesn’t exactly hit the same as the twist in the original, it is still brilliant just the same. As mentioned earlier, Esther gets very murdery and the kills are pretty darn brutal. Though some of her victims are very deserving to be killed off.

Isabelle Fuhrman reprised the role of Esther and again she is brilliant with her performance. Some of the plot points are questionable, but the film is pretty entertaining all the way to the explosive end. There’s a shot in the movie of Esther walking down the stairs casually with flames all around her that I thought was an absolute work of art.

The movie is currently in theaters and streaming on Paramount Plus if you decide to check it out. If you already seen Orphan: First Kill, leave your thoughts below!
Till next time, stay scared!

-Tha Thrilla-

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