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Sick(2023)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I never thought of the idea of a pandemic slasher but here we are with Sick(2023), and Kevin Williamson proves he is the master of the art. This is a pretty slick film.

The plot takes place during pandemic times so get used to seeing people masking and practicing social distancing. A couple of girls go to stay overnight at a lake house and soon find they are not the only ones there. They must try to survive the night and not become victims of the masked killer that is after them.

So let’s talk about that opening scene. It definitely sets up the movie in a grand way. We see there’s a masked killer going around stalking people and finally murdering them. He uses a phone in a way to make his victims uneasy. Sound familiar? Yeah it’s basically Scream except I don’t think Ghostface would be as pummeled as this killer gets. The killer gets his ass handed into him every time he goes after his prey. Like he gets almost knocked out. I guess that was to show the killer was human after all, definitely not any supernatural being, and someone that could be hurt.

Now let’s talk what had me jumping up and down in my seat. This movie forces you to pay attention to what’s going on in the background. You might be looking at a scene, and think to yourself is that a shadow or a person you are looking at. Because most of the scenes take place in shadowy places. And if you blink you might miss if that thing you thought was a shadow moved or not. I was fricken ecstatic because I love movies that make you want to pay attention.

Now for the cherry on the cake. Final girl confronts killers. Final girl is bad af, she is having none of this. Any slasher needs an explanation why the killers are killing. What is their motive? The one given here not only was excellent but it fit in with the pandemic times. Once it all came out, I was like okay I can see this being a real life scenario. It was just fantastic.

Obviously as you can tell, I loved this movie I heard positive vibe before seeing it, and yeah it is that good. Is it basically Scream..yeah definitely similarities but don’t Iet that stop you because they tweak the formula a bit. This movie is currently streaming on Peacock if you want to check it out. Which if you are a slasher fan, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you pass it up.

If you already seen Sick(2023) feel free to leave your thoughts below!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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