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Stranger Things Season 4(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

The characters in the series are maturing, and so are the storylines. This season is the most scariest we seen as we further explore Hawkins and its connection to the Upside Down.

The first thing established is a new villian known as Vecna. He has a very cruel way of dispatching his victims and what’s more as we learn later is that he has a connection to Hawkins as well as Eleven. There are very Nightmare on Elm Street vibes when it comes to his scenes, and they even got Robert Englund to guest star in an episode.
Speaking of Eleven, she is coping ever since her powers were nerfed at the end of Season 3. She find out no matter what she will not fit in with regular people. She is then called upon to find her power which sees a reunion with people from her past. There is also a subplot involving Hopper being captured in Russia and him trying to escape with the help of Joyce and Murray.

Things get very intense and dark as the series progresses. It is not until Episode 8 that revelations are revealed, and the origin of Vecna is explained. The series was split into two parts, which means we had to wait longer for the final two episodes. Many viewers were displeased, and even I was left wishing they just released the episodes all at once.

Music is a big factor in this season as it has a certain plot point. I mean singlehandedly the season was responsible for Kate Bush seeing a bigger fanbase than before, and I feel it will unfortunately have the same effect on Metallica. For viewers of The Watchmen, you will recognize the piece that plays during the scene where we find out Vecna’s origin. I thought it was a pretty intense moment and it was the perfect piece to match what was going on.

When it comes to the final episode of the season, it ended up hitting a homerun. There is an awesome scene that takes in the Upside Down, and the build up to the battle between Eleven and Vecna was emotionally intense. It leaves the door wide open for the events that will lead up to season 5 which will be the final one.

I been hooked on Stranger Things since its first season due to the horror references as well as nostalgic moments. The series so far has taken place in the 80s, so I love it because you will catch easter eggs of horror movies from that era. Season 4 captured me even further as it had helpings of gore and mature horror moments. I will say whoever was in charge of the subtitles did a superb job. Even if you are not one to watch things with subtitles, I highly recommend turning them on while watching this season. They get very descriptive in ways you normally don’t see.

All episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 are currently available on Netflix, and whether you’re already a fan or a newcomer to the series, you will really enjoy the experience. If you already seen the entire season, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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