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Calamity of Snakes(1982)(Review)[Foreign Friday]

In 1982, Taiwanese director William Chang Kee released an animal attack film that was intended to be exploitive, shocking, and violent. What he accomplished was something that still rings true to this day on a multitude of levels. In “Calamity of Snakes”, a wealthy businessman has hired a highly-regarded young architect to complete a high-rise …

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Possesssion(1981)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

“These violent delights have violent ends” This is a saying that really comes to mind after viewing Possession(1981), and really no easy way of saying how visually disturbing this one is. The plot is about the deteriorating relationship of a married couple Mark and Anna. Anna asks for a divorce and Mark suspects infidelity is …

Possesssion(1981)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday] Read More »

Don’t Open Until Christmas(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Holiday horrors can be a mixed bag, which is definitely the case with Don’t Open Until Christmas. It’s not good, and it’s not entirely awful, it’s just okay. This is a British slasher from 1984 about a serial killer who targets anyone dressed as Santa Claus and murders them in various ways. The kills are …

Don’t Open Until Christmas(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday] Read More »

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