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Demonic forces have your number is the 80s classic 976-Evil. This is the directorial debut from Robert Englund and you can see the influence his building legacy had on this film.

We see a bullied teen who dials 976-Evil and ends up with a direct line to the forces of hell itself. He gains supernatural powers as a result and all it costs him is his soul.

So definitely one of those where we see a lonely nerd turn the tables againzt all those who wronged him. He only has one best friend named Spike who eventually ends up at odds with him..More on Spike as he continues his adventures in the absolute cheesy sequel 976-Evil 2. Now not to say the first film is not without its cheesy moments. There’s one liners and catchphrases that definitely bring the cheese. But it’s a fun thrill ride for sure.
There’s buckets of gore and a scene that arachnophobes will not enjoy one bit. The makeup effects looked really well and we can relate to the poor guy who has nothing left to lose and turns to darker forces who can help him actually mean something. The ending scenes see the final battle to save his soul.

Definitely a very enjoyable film, and good representation of good old-fashioned demonic horror. A good one to watch, eating popcorn with a friend or significant other. It is currently streaming on Tubi.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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