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Talk To Me(Review)

I heard a lot of chatter of how good and terrifying Talk to Me was. The directorial debut of Philippou Brothers had a strong box office opening as well. Both things enticed me to see what all the hype was about. I can fairly say that it deserves the accolades and to be talked about. Let’s dive in.

The plot is about a group of friends that use an embalmed hand to communicate with spirits. What starts as party game unfolds into nightmarish terror when they unleash supernatural forces into their world.

We have the main character Mia who recently lost her mother and is dealing with the grief of that. She ends being the conduit that starts the whole thing, and it’s interesting because you will realize somethings when it comes to her. She escalates the situation in an entirely brutal scene that’s almost hard to watch. And there are far more disturbing things that she does. But the kicker it actually her doing it?

This is a film that’s going to make you tense up and doesn’t rely much on jump scares to make that happen. Some of the scenes are actually creepy to behold. In top of that, there are scenes of brutal violence that come out of absolutely nowhere. There’s a few times I was holding my fist in my mouth as I witnessed what was unfolding on the screen. There’s the shocking ending as well which will leave the door open for continuing the story. A sequel Talk 2 Me was very quickly confirmed to be in development.

The message here is be very careful what you invite into your life. Negative spirits will attach onto you, and are very difficult to get rid of. And they will use your weakness against you. With Mia, they use her grief as a way to manipulate her. And there are theories as to what effects that had on her.

I really enjoyed this one, it not only met my expectations but completely blew them out of water. It’s refreshing when it comes to modern horror, that movies like this can come to exist that evoke terror and dread. I am wondering if the sequel will be able to have the same results but besides that, if this is how the Philippou brothers chose to introduce themselves, I am very interested to see what else they may produce in the future.

This film is still currently playing in theaters and I highly recommend if you are a horror fan, definitely go check it out.

If you already seen Talk to Me, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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