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The Anti-Hero – Nothing

Today’s feature is on an artist known as The Anti-Hero who is associated with Solunar Records. This is an artist that wears a mask not just as gimmick to allow listeners to relate more so to the music than to the person creating it. He released a new single called “Nothing” which we are going to dive into.

The song is raw with guitar and melodic singing before bursting forth with brutal metal sounds with growls and screams during the chorus. The lyrics and themes of the song seem to suggest about how it feels being pushed to the point of feeling like nothing matters, that no matter what you do, it is all for naught. Just existing in that space of nothingness and how it is to deal with that. The accompanying visualizer video for the single goes between black and white to color to show the transition between the world of brightness to one that is meaningless, how that can really drain someone. I feel most of us can relate very much to this song and had the same struggles. Plus I do like how it goes from being plaintive one moment to harshness the next.

“Nothing” was released on September 9th on Solunar Records and you can listen to it or add it to your playlist here.

You can check out more from The Anti-Hero via Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Instagram.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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