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The Gate II: The Trespassers(Review)

The Gate served as my introduction to horror as a kid. I found there was sequel, The Gate 2: The Trespassers, so I had to check it out. How was the follow-up compared to the first one? Well this one gets really wild.

The plot see our friend Terry from the first film who decides to try to open the gateway to demons again. He conjures a minion and it is up to Terry to find a way to send it back before it causes total chaos.

At first they try to use the minion to grant wishes, and the wishes come true at first but everything has a price. Eventually everything wished for turns to shit. Literal shit. Then it gets kidnapped and attacks the people responsible. The people attacked then start to change into demons. The ending scene sees an all out demon battle for the fate of the world.

This one was pretty goofy, but it was still fun to watch. The stop animation of the demons was something cool. And we got some returning bits from the first film. I would say if you enjoyed The Gate, then you should like the sequel. It definitely won’t top what came before, but hey it’s entertaining. You can find The Gate 2 streaming on Amazon Prime.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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