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Malum(Happy Halloween #19)(Review)

In 2014, a relatively unknown horror film known as The Last Shift was released, and then started getting positive attention due to its presentation and story. The director of that film leapt at the opportunity to expand the story with a reimagining called Malum. It was hard to think that the original film could be topped by the new film, but I am here to say it actually was.

The plot just like the original is about a rookie cop who takes a late night shift at a decommissioned police station and discovers dark secrets hidden there that have a connection to her past.

We definitely get a more expanded story here which is just part of what makes this film great. The cult gets more expanded on and well as the connections to the protagonist. The effects are definitely better. This is more gory than the original. And the creature effects are just the cherry needed on this well baked cake.

The psychological aspect of the original still exists and there will be even more theories as to if what is happening is real or just some messed up fever dream. The last half of the film really kicks things in overdrive with the palpable fear and tension that exists. There’s one particular kill scene that made my mouth drop. When it comes to the end, it really goes there and will leave a lot of questions as to what will come next. Maybe purposely done to tease a follow-up or let the viewers form their own versions of where the story goes from here.

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this film and how much it sat with me well after viewing. Definitely been added to the list of one of my top favorite films of 2023. This just goes to show if you give a director another go in recreating a better story and giving them a space to let their creativity just flow, the results are amazing. This is an example of a remake done right and done for the right reasons. Absolutely a breath of fresh air.

I recommend very highly to watch this one during spooky season. It is available for rental on Amazon Prime or Vudu

If you already seen Malum, feel free to leave your thoughts below!
Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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