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The Moth Diaries(Review)

I was intrigued by The Moth Diaries with it being a gothic horror with vampirism elements. I wouldn’t say it’s a full on vampire film but it definitely flirts with that theme.

The film takes place in an all girls boarding school that sees a new student Ernessa arrive and the main character Rebecca has suspicions that she may be a vampire.

Moths do play into the story here as well as the classic vampire tale Carmilla. We can understand why Rebecca starts to suspect why Ernessa would be a vampire. But there is a deeper mystery going on as well. We never see Ernessa drinking blood or anything of that nature. More so, Ernessa is vampiric in nature as she is preying on and feeding on Rebecca’s insecurities. She inserts herself in a long lasting relationship between Rebecca and Lucy, and Lucy starts distancing herself more due to that.

However you will notice that Ernessa seems more like a supernatural entity. She can influence dreams and sometimes will appear as a flock of moths. One dream sequence that Rebecca has features Ernessa with geysers of blood raining down. It was an eerie and beautiful scene. There’s definitely something about Ernessa as she seems to enchant people. Then there’s the ending which definitely something more supernatural than vampiric in nature.

I enjoyed this one, it was pretty gothic and most of the scenes were beautiful to behold. If you like gothic horror tales, you will definitely like this one. There’s a novel that this movie was based on as well. You can find The Moth Diaries streaming on Tubi.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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