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The Nanny(2022)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I went in blind and quickly figured out The Nanny(2022) was going to be one of those spooky visions predict the future sort of deal. But the way they went about it, you really have to feel bad for the titular nanny.

The plot sees an immigrant woman who takes a nanny job to help raise money to bring her son with her to America. As she begins her work, troubling visions threaten to destroy her dream of normal life in America.

Let’s start by saying what pieces of shit her employers are. Both the wife and husband are outwardly running around on each other and keeping late nights. They constantly shaft her on pay. The husband tries kissing the nanny(total cringe). They don’t even care if their own kid starves, leaving it to the nanny to make her own food so the kid can eat. Earlier in the film, the father tells the nanny how initially their kid would hardly eat. Cue me gesturing wildly at the screen.

On top of that, the nanny had disturbing occurrences, some of them leaving her out of breath. That’s a big hint something is not quite right. She also meets a charming man who may or may not secretly be a mythical creature. I do love they bring African culture especially about certain gods they believe in. The god in choice is Anansi, and he plays a big part in the events that unfold.

Even though I knew it was coming, the ending scenes are still a gut punch. And even when the nanny went on to live her new life, you can tell she will be forever utterly destroyed. What a bleak ending.

Though it hits a common trope, I liked this movie for what it was. There are scenes of spooky things happening, but I think what makes it more horrifying is that it paints the dark picture of immigration. Besides the weird stuff, this is something that could happen in real life. That’s the cold hard truth this film wants the show, and that is where the true terror lies.

This movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime if you decide to check it out. If you already seen The Nanny(2022) feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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