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The Possession of Michael King(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I was seeking horror movie recommendations via various horror groups I am a part of, and saw a good bit of recommendations for a movie called The Possession of Michael King. The hype was due to how creepy it was, and yeah, they were right.

The plot is about a widower who seeks the proof that the paranormal does not exist, so he offers himself as a test subject to every occult and black magic rituals known to man. What follows is an experience that will take him to madness is beyond.

So a creative twist already as in most possession movies, people are trying to avoid or accidently get possessed. In this film, this guy is asking for it. Begging for it. He literally lays down a challenge to the Devil. Saying “Come at me bro!”. As those familiar with horror movies or if you are paranormal inclined, it’s never a good idea to antagonize evil entities.

In a documentary style, we watch this guy’s experience of being possessed, and there are a few effective jump scare moments. What makes you really jump out of your seat is dreading what is about to happen. I can’t explain how, but this film rubs your nerves raw. Before you know it, you are jumping at everything. And that’s not even going into later scenes that involve a needle being stuck into a finger.

There is a sad note present throughout the film as we understand in a way what drove Michael to take the path he did. There is video footage shown throughout where we see a time where he was truly happy. When you have that happiness ripped away, you would be desperate enough to do just about anything to survive. The ending really hits this home.

So yeah, I am going to agree on recommending this film based on the creep factor. I even went in, expecting the same old same old which allowed the movie to take me by surprise even more. It did take awhile for it to leave my headspace. It is currently streaming on Tubi if you decide to see what the buzz is about.

If you already seen The Possession of Michael King, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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