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The Sounds of Summer(Unearthed Films)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

The latest offering to come from Unearthed Films, if insects make you feel squeamish, you won’t enjoy Sounds of Summer. And that’s not counting the body horror and self mutilation that transpires during the course of the run time.

It’s summer in Japan with blistering hot temperatures and the sounds of cicadas all around. Our lead runs into their emissary, an enigmatic figure known as the Cicada Man and becomes convinced he has implanted his brethern inside her. We watch her descent into madness as she tries to rid herself of her affliction at any cost.

This one starts out normally until we get to the stomach churning parts. We watch as she continually scratches at herself, leaving marks. That was enough to make me wince and then she escalates to mutilating herself.

She does discover something is inside her and it’s not sure at first if this is some fever dream caused by the heat. And the doctor she visits is less than helpful to her.

But then as we near the end, there is a connection between this Cicada Man and our lead and then we realize why this is all happening. The last 15 minutes gets really bonkers with gross body horror as we see if the female lead can survive against one final test of her sanity.

I will say I enjoyed the score in this one, it adds to the overall creepiness. The visuals gets pretty gruesome and while I enjoy body horror, some scenes were very hard to watch. Those with weak stomachs I would say to proceed with extreme caution but if you enjoy the weirdness of Asian horror and think you are brave enough, then definitely check this out.

Sounds of Summer will be available on Blu-ray on June 13th and you will be able to order that from the official Unearthed Films website which can be found here:

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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