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The Uninvited(2009)(Review)

You have to enjoy movies that have twist endings, and The Uninvited, an American version of the Japanese film A Tale of Two Sisters is a great example. Both are magnificent films in their own right, and the American version still packs on the scares with a bit of psychological horror added in from the original film.

The story follows a sister who after losing her mother in a tragic accident is sent to the psych ward. She is sent home from the psych ward to find out things have changed. Her father is now dating her mother’s former nurse. Then she starts get ghostly visits from her mother calling for revenge so she starts investigating into what caused her mother’s death. That leads to her questioning the true intentions for her and her father.

Going in, you are definitely going to see who you think the culprit is. Elizabeth Banks plays the saucy nurse, and she does well in seeming to be the villian of the story. The movie leans in to that by giving you the payoff that she is the villian. And just when you are confident everything is going to end as planned, then the movie twists on you.

I thought the twist was really good here, and there are some pretty creepy scenes with the ghost which you can tell was influenced by the Japanese movie. I just like how the movie gets you in its grasp before it turns everything you knew on its head.

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check this one out and might as well watch A Tale of Two Sisters as well. You can find The Uninvited(2009) streaming on Paramount+.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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