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The Haunting is Over – Destini Beard ft Sam Haynes and Gary Bennett

It’s the time of year when spooky season really goes into overdrive. What better way to mark that than by a new spooky song by Destini Beard ft Sam Haynes and Gary Bennett.

The song is very much gothic symphonic metal all driven by the operatic singing of Destini with a bit of her piano work added in. The video shows her walking through forests and graveyards as she performs the song before being accosted by a mysterious villain. The theme of the song seems to speak of choices, we can either remain being haunted by the past and let that define us or we can let go and relive again. Realizing we cannot be saved by the past, we can only save ourselves in the future. I definitely enjoyed this one, its very haunting and compelling. I feel most of you will enjoy this one as well. It perfectly fits the Halloween vibe.

You can purchase the single at this link. It will also be part of a compilation by Sam Haynes called Haunted House Party 2 which you can check out here

You can check out more from Destini Beard via her official website, Bandcamp, Youtube, and Instagram

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