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There Is Something Wrong With The Children(Review)

The latest entry in creepy kid horror tells us exactly what we are in for with its title. There’s Something Wrong With The Children is the latest Blumhouse thrill ride that reminds of me The Hole in The Ground another film I just recently reviewed.

The plot sees two couples that vacation with children for a weekend, and they discover ancient ruins with a mysterious pit inside. One day, the children disappear and come back acting rather strangely. But only one adult notices and it is up to them prove there’s definitely something wrong with the children.

We seen the changeling scenario played out before but what is different here it is man who notices the children are being very weird. But no one believes him because he has had a history of mental health struggles in the past. Everyone thinks he is making it up. It doesn’t help that the little hellions are clearly messing with his head either. It gets to a point where the man ends up banished from the group as everyone is looking at him instead of the children.

By the time the children show their hand, it is too late. It is left to the final girl to try to survive the night and the movie just ends with her making one final stand against the threat before her.
If there’s a lesson to be learned is not to dismiss concerns brought up by someone just because they struggle with mental health. Yes there is a stigma that exists, but that doesn’t mean their concerns are not valid. If the other adults just listened including his own girlfriend mind you, they could have avoided things getting uglier. People like to see children as pure and innocent..but that is sometimes not the case. Especially not here. Not with those creepy smiles and unexplained nose bleeds.

I would say despite seeing a similar scenario that I seen before, this movie still managed to pull me in. It definitely gets gory. We don’t get any information about the mysterious pit. We get an idea of the nature of the beings, but not what their end goal is or why they are doing this. This film leaves you with more questions than answers. I suppose the point was to make you form your own theories and thoughts but I can see people feeling bewildered and not being a big fan of the film. It does have a nice synth score however.

If you want to see the movie for yourself, it is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and MGM+.

If you already seen There’s Something Wrong With The Children, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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