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Halloween Kills(Review)(Happy Halloween #12)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

When it comes to sequels within the Halloween franchise, they tend to be a mixed bag. Some are good, some are bad. Which is the main reason when the series was rebooted in 2018, the decision was made to ignore the sequels. With a fresh start, you would be under the impression that gives future sequels a chance to be better. However, that ended up not being the case here. I ended up with very mixed feelings, and I’ll explain more below as to why.

The movie follows the continuing rampage of Michael Myers after Laurie Strode was unsuccessful in her attempt to trap and burn him alive in the last movie. The sequel does really tap in our nostalgia as it shows flashbacks from the very first Halloween movie. It even features a cameo from the late Donald Pleasance as Dr Loomis. Fun fact, they used practical make up effects to accomplish that. And even though the reboot chose to ignore the other entries in the series, Halloween Kills features a fun homage to Halloween III which is considered the pariah of the franchise.

Let’s talk about the good. This movie has the most brutal kills of the entire franchise. Michael seems more fueled by his darkness, more determined, and as a result, he is more ruthless. We also see the effects he is having on the citizens of Haddonfield. He is making them just as bloodthirsty as he is as they seek any means necessary to remove the evil in their town, even if that means targeting innocent people. I really loved that aspect of the movie showing people are just as monstrous as Michael is.

Now the bad. Laurie doesn’t get much action in this one as she just serves as an exposition piece. The characters in this movie make very dumb decisions, leading them to situations that could have been avoided. Prime example are a couple named Big John and Little John who are currently residing in the old Myers house. They have a scenario that is so ridiculous it is borderline camp. Maybe it was done on purpose to give humor, but when the movie is played serious the whole time before that, it just felt unnecessary. There’s also many situations when people had opportunity to take out Myers but then they hesitate which gives him the opportunity to strike back with a vengeance. That is definitely the case that leads up to a shocking ending that builds up to the third and maybe final entry Halloween Ends.

Despite its faults and my mixed feelings, I still suggest checking this movie out. If you stuck with the franchise as long as I have, there’s no harm in viewing this one. If you are one that watches just to see Michael Myers kill people, well it has that in droves. Just leave your expectations low when it comes to any substance or plot as it follows the formula of previous Halloween films. It is currently out in theaters and is currently streaming on Peacock if you want to check it out. If you already seen Halloween Kills, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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