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Ghost – Hunter’s Moon(Review)[Musical Monday]

Swedish metal band Ghost presents a song they crafted specifically for the Halloween Kills movie called Hunter’s Moon. The lyrics fit the theme of the movie, and seem to be speaking from the perspective of Michael Myers. The video itself shows visuals of a family experiencing the mental effects of dealing being constantly under the radar, just wondering when the time will come for the next nightmare to unfold.

As far as the song, it’s what you expect from Ghost, and as is with most of their music, it has that earworm effect where it gets stuck in your head. If this is any indication of what their next album will sound like, it looks like we will have another masterpiece on our hands. Ghost has a love for all things dark, and that is certainly prevalent in their song here. And hey, now Michael can say he finally has his own rock song.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –
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